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Eagle Hill Bog Nature trail

The majority of the Eagle Hill Nature Trail is a wide boardwalk that travels through the Eagle Hill Bog. In the summer the bog is full of Rhododendrons, Pitcher Plants and Cotton Grass. There are many interpretive signs that explain how the bog was formed and what plants you may find in the bog. Benches along the boardwalk give a place to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The boardwalk makes a great trail and is fully wheelchair accessible. At the end of a long stretch of boardwalk the trail continues into a patch of spruce forest and begins to climb. After several flights of stairs you will emerge onto a lookout platform on the peak of Eagle Hill. From here you can see the bog below and Herring Cove in the distance. Eastern Head juts out into the Bay of Fundy beyond Herring Cove.

From route 774, across from the main entrance to Roosevelt Campobello International Park, take Glensevern Road. This is a gravel road. Follow it for 2.4 km, and just past an inlet to Glensevern Lake on the left, you will find a small parking lot on the right. This is the parking lot for the Eagle Hill Nature Trail. If you reach the parking lot at the end of the road (another 500 meters) you have gone too far.


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