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Herring Cove Trail

A short gravel road through a mature spruce forest takes you past a secluded “teddy bear’s picnic area” on the way to Herring Cove Beach.

Enter the campground from Herring Cove Road and drive 200 meters. You will see the sign and the trail on the left. To access the other end of the trail continue past the campground on Herring Cove Road. After 400 meters you will come to a parking lot at the end of the road. Park here and walk along the grass on the right along the front of the smaller campground. There is a small road that cuts up through the center of the campground. Follow this road and you will find the trail enter the woods near the top (farthest away from the shore) of the campground.


Location Information
Year Round
All Ages
Campobello Island

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